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King of Hell

Supernatural: Dean Stamp I by seremela05Supernatural Stamp by pixelworldsSammy - stamp IV by Flaminia
SPN - Crowley stamp by nezukuroangel by kuraiko-sanBobby is awesome - SPN stamp by nezukuro
:stamp spn fandom1: by ashers-ashers

Dakara ai o sakebu shika nai dare mo ga hitori ja nai kara
Sorezore no na o yobiau koto ni senaka o mukecha ikenai
Ososugiru koto wa nai te o nigiriau koto
Ubaiai kizutsukeau asu wa mou hitsuyou nai

~ Mikio Sakai "Callin"

Life is a bitch. MY bitch.

Crack Pairings Stamp by RandomTonsSEME stamp by antocoviI support by Wrolin
Kurwa STAMP by AleX-IshtaRTakeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxMy native language... by ttalktomesoftly
Artistic Stamp by SayaStarshineA Mouse Artist Stamp by nirmanWishful Thinking by whispwill
Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FXSpoiler Stamp by Bellaveestamp by alwaslgirl

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What Is Your Dying Will Flame Attribute?
What Is Your Dying Will Flame Attribute?

Which Durarara!! Character Are You?
Which Durarara!! Character Are You?

What Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?
What Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Are You?



- Diamonds - by SilentAcid
- Diamonds -
Figured I'd upload it here as well, because why the hell not.
Not exactly my ship (I headcanon Kaito as gay tbh) buut.
Kouhai's OTP and it was her birthday, so yeah.

Am I the only one who likes drawing Kaito (and finds him easy to draw)?

Kaito Tenjo/Kite Tenjo, Rio Kamishiro/Rio Kastle (c) Konami
Art (c) SilentAcid
- In your shoes - by SilentAcid
- In your shoes -
--kinda literally okay
Inspirated by Yurei-Hanatsuki and our talk about Alit trying to swap clothes with Kaoru.
Well, not Alit, but I just had to.

Kaoru looks hella weird (red is totally not his color), but as Mike looks beyond adorable in his clothes, I decided to post it.
And YES, he's taller than Mike. Only a little bit for now, but in future there's almost a head difference between them.

Kaoru Suzuno, art (c) SilentAcid
Michael Arclight (c) Konami

- My heart beat is Dark and Light - by SilentAcid
- My heart beat is Dark and Light -
"I'll cut through the darkness and embrace you... where are you going like this?
Without being confused by hearts of darkness, you can lean on me

Don't be afraid of the unreacheable thoughts and moonless nights anymore

Your sweet lips and bright smile become one

Everything is dark and light

Put into one
- AWAKE ~Boku no Subete~

So did I ever mention how much I hate love Mir.
She makes me ship stuff. All the stuff. Literally.
And sometimes it just makes me go all "eh fuck it am gonna draw it"
And this happens

Jfc, I haven't drawn Jun in years. It was pain in ass to do it again .-.

Tbh I kinda stole an idea for that drawing from myself

Jun Manjoume/Chazz Princeton, Thomas Arclight (c) Konami
Art (c) SilentAcid
- Terribilist Est Locus Iste - by SilentAcid
- Terribilist Est Locus Iste -
World is a scary place - especially when you don't know what exactly is going on and you can't tell who is your friend and who is an enemy.

In other words, advertising my fanfiction. Vampire Knight AU, will contain various ships and triggering themes.

[Chapter I - Arclights]
[Chapter II - Tsukumo]

The art was pain in ass, if you want to know, yes.

Michael Arclight, Thomas Arclight, Christopher Arclight, Byron Arclight (c) Konami
Art (c) SilentAcid
- Spider Queen - by SilentAcid
- Spider Queen -
So someone on tumblr gave me an idea and I just.
Had to.

Thus, a new ID.

Alice, art (c) SilentAcid

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